Mats Van Mieghem

Brands I’ve worked for:

  • Bajaj FinservIndia
  • Printemps France
  • Gaia Belgium
  • AFC Asian cupSaudi Arabia
  • EDFFrance
  • Nam LongVietnam
  • CuzcatlánMexico

Mats Van Mieghem

Professional Mats

I am a freelance motion graphics designer based in Belgium.

I design 2D and 3D animations for internal communications, social media campaigns and commercials. I make sure I bring your message to the screens of your customers in the most elegant way according to your budget.

The biggest value I add to projects is my eye for detail and pixel-perfect precision, whether it’s an online campaign for a new fashion line or a promo video for your new album.

Clients also highly appreciate my short turnaround time and polished deliverables.

I have eight years of international professional experience, across four continents. For two years I worked as a motion designer in a team of creative and art directors at the video production company Sleak in Strasbourg, France. I then started freelance work from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico working for agencies from Vietnam, Belgium and India. 

After this trip, I worked as a lead animator at Bluescooter Designs, a graphic design agency in Pune, India, coordinating the production of training material for the Bajaj group. 

Thanks to this international experience, I am now fluent in four languages: Dutch (my mother language), English, French and Spanish. However, I still sometimes mix up the Spanish words for “onion” and “hair(“cebolla” and “cabello”). Nobody is perfect.

Being a polyglot and my outgoing personality are very useful tools when looking for new leads and understanding their needs and to work efficiently and negotiate with the existing ones.Be

Personal Mats

When I am not working on animation projects, it’s very likely you will find me dedicated to my other passions: photography and cooking. If the weather allows it, I’ll go for the occasional run. If not, you will find me in the local dojo practicing taekwondo or kung fu.

I was born and raised in Belgium. After graduating Digital Design and Development from Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen in 2014, I decided to hit the road. 

Following 3 months as an intern and another two years as a motion designer at Sleak, I started a 15 month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, Oceania and North America. MatsnMiles is the chronicle of this voyage. 

This trip ended in the city of Pune, India, where I worked as a lead animator at Bluescooter Designs for half a year. After this adventure I flew back to Mexico where I am still asking the local barbers for an onion-cut.