Hansgrohe: Virtual reality experience

Customer trying out the Hansgrohe Select experience

While working at Sleak, I had the unique opportunity to create an experience in Virtual Reality for the sanitary manufacturer, Hansgrohe.
To represent the three different modes of the new shower head, Select, we created different environments in 3D. By using the Select, connected to an Oculus Rift, the user could switch between the different environments and take a virtual shower.
Each environment represented a different force of the stream of the shower head. (Waterfall, tropical rainforest, drizzling rain)

The installation was presented all over France in the DIY shops, Le Roy Merlin, where customers could try the experience.

I had the responsibility of creating and designing all the environments which were created using the Unreal Engine
Virtual reality was still new back in early 2016, so resources for the Oculus Rift DK2 were limited.

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Hansgrohe stand in DIY store

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